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Zatrzymano dwie osoby z kolektywu Brixton Reclaim Your Food.

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PostWysłany: Nie 13:16, 09 Mar 2008    Temat postu: Zatrzymano dwie osoby z kolektywu Brixton Reclaim Your Food.

Zatrzymano dwie osoby z kolektywu Brixton Reclaim Your Food.

Zrodlo: mailing Active Distribution - London
--> [link widoczny dla zalogowanych]
(mozna probowac lapac kontakt po polsku, swego czasu w kolektywie byla Polka!).

Przepraszam, za brak tlumaczenia. Nie mam na niego czasu, poza tym - nie chce nikogo meczyc moja lamana angielszczyzna... Wystarczy, ze Angoli dreczylem swego czasu... Smile

Tamta manifa w ponizszym txt juz sie odbyla... ale sadze, ze info z pewnoscia sie przyda!
Polecam rowniez pojecie 'Flash Mob' - w slowniku kazdego, dobrego 'terrorysty'... Smile

Brixton Reclaim Your Food Collective, 2 Arrests.
There is a call-out for people to come down to the next RECLAIM YOUR FOOD in Brixton on SUNDAY 9TH MARCH approx 3pm. This free food and info giveaway has been coming under increasing attack from the local cops. Last week two people were arrested for failing to disperse under a spuriously argued Dispersal Order.
SUNDAY 9TH MARCH approx 3pm
Bring food to share. Instruments. Sound Systems. Practical Social Activities. Or just yourself!! All welcome

There follows a more in depth report:

People taking part in Brixton's Reclaim Your Food weekly action faced arrest on Sunday (2nd March 2008 ) as they challenged the legitimacy of a Dispersal Order issued by the Lambeth branch of the Metropolitan Police.

The weekly vegan open picnic has recently faced growing repression from Police and consistent support in the community. Police (which constituted a mix of PCs, CSOs and higher-ranking officers) were waiting for the collective before they even arrived. They came equipped with a mobile surveillance van, 2 regular Police vans and 2 Police cars.
Disproportionate? Make up your own mind...

The first arrest came as a result of a refusal to comply with the Dispersal Order placed upon the group, the second for attempting to establish the legal basis for such an arrest. The Dispersal Order, made possible by the controversial Anti-Social Behaviour Act, was issued in response to an alleged Section 5 Public Order offence - defined as causing harassment, distress or alarm. However, when questioned, the Police failed to provide adequate evidence to suggest that such an offence was taking place. What followed was a series of convoluted and dubious explanations as to why they had reason to believe an offence was being committed:

1) By giving out free food, a climate was being created that enabled drug-dealing - which in itself could promote harassment, distress and/or alarm. Case Law contradicts the use of this Public Order law 'by proxy' (as it were) and it has previously been ruled that if a Section 5 offence is being comitted, it is unlawful to arrest anyone other than the alleged perpetrator of the offence.

2) "Local Businesses" - such as the nearby McDonalds & KFC restaraunts - were claiming that the actions of the collective were inhibiting their ability to make a profit. No law that explicitly states the interests of said businesses are to take precedent over the interests of the other parties involved was invoked. However, it's hardly a shocking revelation that profit comes before people.

3) The concentration of Brixton's drug users and dealers in Brixton Town Square, allegedly as a result of the Reclaim Your Food collective's project, was making the 'problem' more difficult to Police. This isn't even worthy of a witty retort.

Thankfully, the long arm of the law did not stretch to the Bicycle Repair Workshop or those making Puncture Repair Kits and Wallets from recycled and sustainable materials. These were welcome additions to the Town Square, which was reclaimed as a fully-functional public space for all...with room for a bit of a dance to the chilled reggae/dub soundsystem!

Despite all the Police intimidation and generally not fantastic weather, a good time was had by most people who turned up or happened to be passing by!

Sunday's events also demonstrate the power of solidarity and engagement with the community, after Police abandoned initial threats to arrest everyone present because they thought those involved had 'learnt their lesson' and would not be back the next week. This, of course, had nothing to do with the logistical difficulties that would've arisen from arresting up to 50+ people with limited resources - and having to justify that to the largely supportive members of the public present...honest, sarge!
There were many people on hand to photograph and film the behaviour of the Police and to record the identity numbers of the officers involved. The
action was not only fully completed and largely unimpeded by Police intervention but also took to the streets afterwards, marching to Brixton
Police Station and standing in solidarity with the two arrestees. The Reclaim Your Food banner was unfurled accross the Metropolitan Police logo at the front of the station, generating public interest and support. Tea and Biscuits were also on offer, giving the whole proceeding an uncharacteristically twee vibe!

Many Brixton residents approached the collective, sharing their own experiences of dealing with Police intimidation and brutality. Whilst this may appear incredibly doom-and-gloom, the atmosphere was more conducive to a sense of mutual support and a desire to challenge the state apparatus than of feeling downtrodden or apathetic, which left many people feeling positive about the possiblity of resisting the ever-creeping Police state.

The collectives involved in Sunday's action are keen to welcome anyone who is interested in any aspect of the project to come along. The project will continure to meet at Brixton Town Square (by Coldharbour Lane, opposite the Ritzy Cinema) from around 2/3pm every Sunday. The town square is well on it's way to being a free public space, for anyone to use. This does not figure in the plans of the Police and Local Government, who are intent on seeing through gentrification of the area. Let's show them whose streets they really are!

Video and Report: [link widoczny dla zalogowanych]



11am on the dot, Thursday 27 March
International Arrivals (Ground Level), Heathrow Terminal 5

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

Be at T5 International Arrivals at 11am to put on (or strip to reveal) your brightly coloured 'STOP AIRPORT EXPANSION' t-shirt: a visible presence of public opposition to the madness of airport expansion. Wander round for a bit, have a coffee, leave when you like.

ORDER YOUR FREE T-SHIRT TODAY: [link widoczny dla zalogowanych] or 0845 458 2564.

The Government and BAA see the opening day of Terminal Five – the biggest terminal ever built in the UK, and the subject of the longest Public Inquiry in British history - as an opportunity to put the case for further airport expansion. Join the flash mob* on 27 March to highlight the real problems that airport expansion causes: climate change, noise, air pollution and community destruction.

* Flash Mob: 'A large group of people who assemble suddenly in a public place, perform an unusual action for a brief period of time, then quickly
disperse' (Wikipedia).

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

PLEASE NOTE: Almost everything is against the Heathrow byelaws, but wearing a t-shirt is not a crime. So as long as you're not demonstrating, you're not breaking the law!

"Never doubt that a group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world, indeed it is the only thing that ever does."

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